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We offer Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) massage, also often referred to as Tui Na or massage therapy, which is a popular traditional Chinese medical treatment. It regulates the body's qi, blood and internal organ functions through manipulative treatment to prevent and treat diseases.
We offer
Meridian Tui Na: By pressing and rubbing specific points and meridians in the body, it helps to release muscle tension and promote the flow of qi and blood.
Reflexology Massage: Targeting specific reflex zones on the feet is said to affect the corresponding internal organs and body parts, contributing to overall health.
Gua Sha therapy: using a special tool to scrape the surface of the skin to remove dampness and cold from the body, often used to treat symptoms such as colds and muscle aches.
Moxibustion therapy: using moxa sticks to heat specific acupuncture points to help warm the meridians and strengthen the body's resistance.
Children's Tui Na: Special massage techniques for children that can help improve digestive problems, strengthen the immune system and more.
Wellness Consultation and Personalised Programming: Providing TCM wellness and dietary advice and designing personalised treatment plans based on an individual's constitution and health condition.

Who we serve
Health-conscious adults: seeking non-pharmacological treatments to improve health and prevent diseases.
The chronically tired office worker: needing relief from the physical and mental stress of work.
Elderly people: looking for massage to maintain physical vigour and alleviate common ailments of old age.
Athletes: need to restore physical fitness and reduce muscle fatigue after training.
Patients with specific health problems: such as back pain, arthritis, indigestion, etc.
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